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Who am I?
Who am I?
Am I just a machine?
Am I just a robot that follows orders of my creators?
Am just a machine that has no feelings? No emotion when it comes to fighting in combat on the battlefield?
Am I just a machine just to serve the human race?
Am I just a machine that can't even make friends?
Am just a machine that can be replaced by another machine from the factory I was created in?
Everything that I feels like.....I'm human.
The way I move. The way I talk. They way I think. Is part of being human.
My sensors in me were giving me multiple errors of the way I felt everything around me. I felt that they were not errors. I was becoming more of a human than a machine that my creators had built years ago.
I'm not just a machine.
I am part of the human race.
I serve, protect, and the defend the humans who had created me.
That is my programming.
I will not die.
I will not fall.
I will rise to become the greatest machine I was created to be.
:iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 10 5
Chima and Ninjago: Worlds Collide
Chima and Ninjago: Worlds Collide
Chapter 2
The battle has only begun for the Ninja and for Chima's heroes. Today, two worlds collide to fight the Overlord and his Nindroid army. This was a time for both sides to unite and fight for both of their worlds. The Ninja, Lloyd, and his father are separated from one another during the teleportation into Chima. The Overlord and his army are somewhere in Chima. They are planning to strike hard and to turn both Ninjago and Chima into his own image.
It was nighttime in Chima. The moon was in the sky, glowing white, and pretty much everyone was asleep now. Eris and I have been having a good conversation about how we will one day become leaders of our tribes after our fathers can no longer manage the duty of upholding their tribes.
"Hey Laval, I think it's time for me to head back to the Eagle Spire now. My dad doesn't like how I'm alway
:iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 6 21
Edzard's Eagle Union. Red Description. :iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 4 6 The Emperor of the Eagle tribe. Read description. :iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 11 10
Enter the world of Chima
Enter the World of Chima
Chapter 4
My son almost died. I felt like crying right now in the hospital. How could I be so stupid in thinking Racor was just having a regular fever? I thought it would've just lasted for about an hour or 2 at home, but me and my wife were wrong. We were lucky enough to get him to the hospital in time for the doctors to see what was going on with him.
"Mr. Jackson, we...don't know what's going on with your son. We've went through many tests to see if he was really sick." Said Dr. Sam.
"What do you mean, Doctor??" I said.
"What I mean is, your son seems to be in a major coma. We can't even wake him. He's not even having a fever what's so ever." He replied.
"What can we do?" I said.
"We can keep him here for as long as you want. We'll keep a close eye on him. We'll make sure he does not die on us." I could tell he was trying to keep me calm. I just have to wait to see what might happen later on in the future. Racor is always a strong boy. I know he'll pull thro
:iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 3 2
Enter the world of Chima
Enter the world of Chima
Chapter 3
I was still sleeping when the sun was shining above Chima. I was still resting from the battle that happened at the Lion Temple from yesterday. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen next still. But I feel like I could get use to being a Raven in Chima. It doesn't seem to be that bad to be honest. But I wonder if it were possible for my mom and dad to live in Chima? I kind of wonder how they would react to see their son being a Raven in Chima. Guess I'll do that later somewhere in the future.
I opened my eyes and stood up to see what was going on at the Lion City. I saw a huge crowd of Chima people in front of the Lion City. I took out my binoculars to see what was going on down there. I zoomed in to get a closer look at what was going on in front of the Lion Temple. I could see speedorz and saw some of the Chima people sitting on bleachers, while some were standing up waiting for something to happen.
I think I knew what was going on there. See
:iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 1 2
Razar the Raven. :iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 8 4 Racor Reference sheet 2014 Current design :iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 5 5 Cals :iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 3 2 AT Sketch: Cal :iconthenightmarewriter:TheNightmareWriter 3 2


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